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Body-Interactive Sound

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Sonic Moves translates movement into sound. It uses 3D body tracking from live video to control dynamic sound compositions. It requires no special hardware or sensors and is truly plug and play.
Our goal with Sonic Moves is to provide a platform and a playground for the emerging medium of body-interactive audio.

Sonic Moves is…

Sonic Moves Apps

Sonic Moves Creator

Music creation software meets body tracking – that is the essence of Sonic Moves Creator. Arrange sounds, software instruments, effects, filters and more, and connect them to real-time motion capture input.

No coding required: Everything happens in an efficient graphical interface with focus on interaction and iteration. And you can share your creations directly from the app with players as a single file.

Sonic Moves Creator will be available for macOS and iPad.

Sonic Moves Player

Sonic Moves Player is an iPhone and iPad app which lets everyone experience body-interactive sound works. Tracks can be downloaded from a curated catalog and from any other source. Users can also copy and simply share them as files.


Sonic Moves offers an all in one solution to create and play body-interactive sound on everyday devices.

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Try it out?

Sonic Moves will be relased later this year and is currently available as a beta version to a limited audience. If you want to try out the software, please get in touch.

We are especially looking for creators: Artists and musicians who want to try working with this tool. We plan to host a curated catalogue of body-interactive compositions of all kinds and would love to find out what you can create with Sonic Moves!

Sonic Moves Creator runs on macOS Catalina (15) or later and on iPad OS 17.
Sonic Moves Player needs iPhone XR or newer and iOS 17.

Other Uses

Art and entertainment are not the only fields where body-interactive audio can make a difference. Our technology is versatile enough to enable this. We are actively seeking out other use cases to collaborate with partners – academically and commercially – in the following fields:

  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Fitness
  • Social Media
  • Marketing & Advertisement

Please reach out to opportunities@sonicmoves.net


Marc-André Weibezahn

Concept, Design, Development


Jakob Gruhl

Operations, Funding, A&R


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