Create Body-Interactive Music and Audio

Sonic Moves Creator (beta version)

Sonic Moves lets you create and experience body-interactive sound for iPhone. The app detects posture and movements, and compositions can react in real time. Create interactive music, sonic sculptures and sound environments.

Sonic Moves Creator

Sonic Moves Creator for macOS lets you create, test and export body-interactive compositions for publishing. They can then be played by you and others in Sonic Moves Player. Simply load your sounds, choose from a variety of interactions and sounds to create your custom composition.

Sonic Moves Player

Sonic Moves Player for iPhone is a plug & play app to play interactive sound compositions. Curate a library of works and interact with them when- and whereever you want – not further equipment or setup is needed.

Sonic Moves Beta

Both Sonic Moves apps are currently tested in a closed beta. If you would like to join, please get in touch.

How about a preview of the possibilities of body-interactive music?

Download the free iPhone app Affine Tuning, which lets you play several body-interactive compositions. It uses the same technical foundation as Sonic Moves.