Create Body-Interactive Music and Audio

Sonic Moves Creator (beta version)

Sonic Moves will empower everyone to create and experience body-interactive music and other audio works. It uses the built-in body tracking capabilities of current iPhones to detect posture and movements of the players in 3D space. Your composition can then react with custom designed feedback.

You, the creator, decide how your sound should react: will your composition play faster when there is a lot of activity? Will hectic movement trigger a guitar amplifier effect? Should a low posture also lower the tune of the vocals? When the player turns away, will the sound fade into the distant?

All this and more can be set up and configured in a sleek and user friendly UI. Import your own sounds, set up interactions quickly, and test them easily for an iterative process.

Sonic Moves will manifest in two applications: Sonic Moves Creator for macOS and iPad lets users create, test and export body-interactive compositions. These creations can then be played by you and others in the Sonic Moves Player for iPhone.

A beta version will be released in early 2023, with these features:

  • Audio file playback with dynamic sound parameters and playback behaviour
  • A range of audio effects and filters, also with dynamic parameters
  • All parameters can be attached to movements and posture
  • Export compositions as a single file for playing it in the Player app
  • Share compositions with others who can play it in the Player app

More features are planned for the following releases, including:

  • Reactive drum computer
  • Reactive step sequencer for playing interactive chord progressions and melodies
  • Interactive stereo panning
  • Gesture triggers
  • Arrangement and organization of multiple parts
  • Time signature selection
  • "Simulation Testing" with pre-recorded motion catpure data for rapid iteration
  • Dynamic song duration through progress conditions and triggers

How about a preview of the possibilities of body-interactive music?

Download the free iPhone app Affine Tuning, which lets you play several body-interactive compositions. It uses the same technical foundation as Sonic Moves.